About Us

Grow Learning Centre provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary program for children birth to six years of age. We offer onsite pediatric medical/nursing services, speech, occupational, and physical therapy in an educational environment. Children with diverse abilities are nurtured and supported by well-qualified staff using the most current evidence-based intervention to maximize each child’s abilities.

Our model moves children diagnosed with developmental disabilities through individually designed intervention programs. We address normal developmental milestones that have been challenged by their identified disabilities or developmental delays. We know empirically that early intervention maximizes a child’s potential to grow successfully into childhood, adolescence, and to a fulfilling adult life.

Mission Statement:

Grow Learning Centre’s mission is to offer developmentally appropriate education through which the young children of Central Arkansas can actively develop skills in a positive, nurturing, and culturally diverse environment. We strive to provide a superior therapeutic environment that fosters individual treatment for each child and their family, building the foundation for their future success story.

We are committed to:

  • Meeting the everyday needs of our students
  • Encouraging physical, social, and cognitive development
  • Developing a sense of belonging by engaging in positive relationships
  • Providing an inclusive experience for all children, with or without specific diagnoses, and their families

We believe:

  • Each child is a unique individual and that all children can learn
  • In the importance of learning through play
  • Children learn best when they are in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment
  • That parents are a vital part of the developmental and learning process

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