Our journey with Grow
[Learning Centre] has been absolutely amazing!

Entering at 2 years old my son was experiencing severe delays in all areas. He struggled with speech, occupational skills, physical activities, and was very quiet and anti-social.

It took him some time to adjust, but with the patience and help from the Grow staff he began to come out of his shell.  He started building personal bonds with all his teachers and therapists along with building new friendships with his classmates which increased his comfort level tremendously.

Within months I saw a dramatic change, not just socially, but academically as well.

He was conquering major milestones (talking being his biggest accomplishment).

At that point as a parent I knew my child was in great hands. Grow is like family to us.

His therapists are the best! They are consistent and set goals for the children to complete. I am constantly updated on his progress and incorporate his goals in our home activities as well. I truly believe in teamwork and these ladies go above and beyond for all of the children.

Grow teachers and staff have seen my baby blossom and I am forever grateful for all the time and dedication they have put into him these past 3 years. Their goal is success and at almost 5 years old my son is just that!

Proud Mommy-